Hello! My name is Daisy, I’m 29, from London, UK. I have a nostalgia for years gone by so have a real passion for all things Vintage; fashion, furniture, homewares and recently even bicycles. I have always been very thrifty and admittedly a bit of a hoarder; afraid to throw anything away incase I may one day find a use for it.

After many years of trying different things, during my second year of studying Fashion Design at university I realised that, aside from all the conceptual design stuff, I just love sewing and making, and the thrill of turning a flat piece of fabric or some ‘old junk’ into something incredible. My Mum is a curtain maker and my Grandma started her own knitwear company, so I guess making is in my blood.

I know that lots of other people love making things too, so I dreamed of a place where people could come and make things whilst enjoying another of my favourite past-times, Afternoon Tea! So, after a lot of thought, I decided to leave uni and pursue this dream. I was lucky to have found out about The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise programme. Being a part of this scheme has proved to be invaluable with the ongoing advice and support that is available to me.

I currently run pop-up sewing and craft workshops with a focus on make-do-and-mend, teaching people to be thrifty about what they throw away and to upcycle and reuse things instead. I run workshops for individuals and small groups from my home studio in North-West London but on request can also travel around London for parties or gatherings with friends. My workshops are tailor made around what the person or group wants to do so are very adaptable.  I also exhibit and run workshops at craft fairs.

My ultimate goal is to open a Sewing/Craft Cafe in London with a make-do-and-mend ethos to enable me to teach a larger amount of people the skills needed be see for themselves, the value in everyday objects and clothing which they may otherwise throw away. I hope to revive a make-do-and-mend culture and help people to appreciate the charm of something that’s handmade and unique and encourage reusing and upcycling, rather than buying the mass produced generic stuff from the high street. In this day and age of recessions and such vast waste, we all need to think more about how we live our lives and the small changes we can commit to, to do our bit in making a difference.

With this blog I hope to document the journey of making my ideas a reality and invite you to join me. Along the way I’ll be sharing my thrifting tips, and some easy sewing and craft makes that you can try yourself, as well as my baking adventures and anything else exciting I get up to.


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